Poseidon Dive Adventures

Castle Comfort Dive Lodge

With Caribbean ambiance this traditional style guesthouse makes you feel like a family member, as casual, relaxed and as comfortable as your favourite pair of slippers.

Castle Comfort Lodge sits on the ocean’s edge at the base of some of Dominica’s spectacular mountain ranges.

With only 14 rooms Castle Comfort Lodge is ideal for individuals, couples or small groups desiring a “GET AWAY”, as we bring you peace..


Champagne is a unique snorkel site... it's a large granite reef 100 meters off-shore, starting at a depth of 3 feet and dropping down to 80 feet. It's teeming with tropical fish including, Black Bar Soldier Fish, Squirrel Fish trumpet fish, porcupine fish and abundance of both invertebrate like pederson shrimp, arrow crabs, banded shrimp and squid.